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Section A

1. Describe the various sources for psychological assessment.

Psychological assessment involves integrating information gleaned not only from test protocols, but also from interview responses, behavioral observat... Continue Reading >>

2. Present an overview of tests measuring conceptual thinking.

Patients with moderate to severe focal or multiple lesions or with significant diffuse injury tend to do poorly on all tests of abstract thinking, reg... Continue Reading >>

3. Discuss in detail the different stages of psychological assessment.

A psychological assessment can be most useful when it addresses specific individual problems and provides guidelines for decision making regarding the... Continue Reading >>


4. Discuss psychological assessment for conducting and evaluating therapy.

Therapy is the process of treatment of psychological or mental disorders by psychological means. Psychological assessment plays a dual role in conduct... Continue Reading >>

5. Elucidate Wechsler Scales for children.

WISC-V is an individually administered intelligence test for children between the ages of 6 and 16 inclusive that can be completed without reading or ... Continue Reading >>

6. Explain Torrance Test of Creativity Thinking.

TTCT can be administered as an individual or group test from the kindergarten level through the graduate level and beyond. It requires 30 min of worki... Continue Reading >>

7. Differentiate between descriptive assessment and predictive assessment.

There are four clinical purposes of assessment – Descriptive assessment, Discriminative assessment, Predictive assessment and Evaluative assessment.... Continue Reading >>

8. What is implicit memory? Elucidate the tests of implicit memory.

Implicit memory (""non-declarative"" memory) is a type of long-term memory in which previous experiences aid the performance of a task without their con... Continue Reading >>


9. Types of direct observation

Naturalistic observation: involve viewing the individual’s behavior in real-life settings (e.g, psychiatric hospitals, work settings, and classrooms).... Continue Reading >>

10. Mismatched validity

Some tests are useful in diverse situations, but no test works well for all tasks with all people in all situations. In his classic 1967 article, Gord... Continue Reading >>

11. Raven’s Progressive Matrices

The matrices are posed in three different forms for participants of different ability: Standard Progressive Matrices, Coloured Progressive Matrices an... Continue Reading >>

12. SOI

Simpson and Gangestad constructed the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory (SOI) in 1991. The SOI was constructed as a one dimensional bipolar measure...... Continue Reading >>


The original Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF) was the basis for the development of the BRIEF-P. Consequently, the BRIEF-P is an... Continue Reading >>


The DSM evolved from systems for collecting census and psychiatric hospital statistics, and from a United States Army manual. DSM-IV-TR, was published... Continue Reading >>

15. Sentence Completion Test

The SCT typically consists of thirty to one hundred brief sentence stems which the subject is instructed to complete with the first words that come to... Continue Reading >>

16. The Edwards Personal Preference Schedule

Edwards derived the test content from the human needs system theory proposed by Henry Alexander Murray, which measures the rating of individuals in fi... Continue Reading >>

17. Rorschach Inkblot Method

Responses to each card are recorded verbatim and reaction times are noted. Then an inquiry is conducted where the subject identifies the characteristi... Continue Reading >>

18. ‘Pull’ of TAT Cards

Familiarity with the frequently noted features, commonly elicited story lines, and issues often tapped for each card provides a backdrop for grasping ... Continue Reading >>
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