IGNOU Assignments - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to questions about IGNOU Assignments - where to download questions, how to do the assignments, where to submit assignments, solved assignments.

Doing IGNOU Assignments

Do I need to resubmit assignments if I'm unable to give TEE or fail in TEE?

No. You do not need to redo or resubmit assignments - unless you fail in the assignments.

If I don't plan to appear in exams this time or appear in only some/not all exams do I still need to submit all assignments?

No. You just need to submit the assignments for the subjects for which you wish to appear in exams.

Where can I download the assignment questions?

Assignments may be downloaded from the following link: Download IGNOU Assignments for All Programmes

What if the assignment questions of a certain Programme/ Course are not available?

Students may write an email to the Course Coordinator of the School of Study concerned. The details of Schools of Study are available on the IGNOU website at http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/school. Student may find out the School to which the Programme / Course belongs and act accordingly.

I have not received my study material yet. How can I start doing the assignments?

If you have not received the study material, you can download the soft copies of the study material free of cost from eGyankosh. You can download IGNOU study material/self-learning material for your IGNOU programme here.

Where can I get the content for my IGNOU Assignment solutions?

For specific instructions regarding the content of your assignments - please follow the guidelines provided by IGNOU in the assignment questionnaire, or any instructions provided by your study center and academic counsellors.

Generally, you can use content available online or IGNOU study material/self-learning material for your IGNOU programme for doing the assignments.

Is the word limit strict?

No. In fact, unless you're explicitly asked not to exceed a certain word limit, it may be better to write answers which are about 1.25 to 1.5 times the required word limit. For Examle: for a 500 word answer, write an answer that is 500 * 1.25 = 625 words.

I have heard some IGNOU study centers don't check assignments properly. Is there any use of putting genuine effort in doing the assignment?

Yes. Even if your assignment is not evaluated sincerely - there are two benefits of doing the assignment genuinely. First, you get to learn the topic - you will remember it much better. Second, IGNOU often asks questions from assignments in exams, so you may benefit in terms of marks there.

Which paper should be used to write the assignments?

Students may use A4 size paper (ruled / blank) sheets to write their assignments. If the instructions in your Assignment, Programme Guide, or the latest notification differ from this, please follow that instruction.

Do I need to attach anything other than my answer sheets before submitting?

Yes. You should refer to your assignment questions document and check with your study center for specific instructions. Generally, you should attach a cover page with your details, your ID card and the question paper in this order before your answer sheets.

Assignment Submission

What is the due date/deadline for submission of assignment in IGNOU?

The due date for submission of assignments is March 31st (for July session) and September 30th (for Jan batch) for all the Programmes/ Courses in IGNOU. Students are advised not to wait for the last date and submit their assignments as soon as possible.

Will the date of submission be extended?

IGNOU has a long history of extending various deadlines for different reasons. However, the extension information always comes late. And it might not be worth the risk to wait.

Is the submission of IGNOU assignments compulsory?

Yes, IGNOU candidates must submit the assignments to the concerned study center before the due date. If you do not submit the assignment, you may not be allowed to appear in the exams. And, even if you appear by giving a false declaration, your result may be declared void.

What is the weightage of marks given to IGNOU assignments?

For most courses of IGNOU the assignments have a weightage of 25-30% in the final result.

What is the minimum passing marks for IGNOU assignments?

For most courses of IGNOU the minimum passing marks for assignments is set at 40%, as it is for the theory exams.

Can a student appear in Term End Examinations without submission of assignments?

No, students cannot appear in Term End Exams of any course without submission of assignment of that course. For example: if you want to appear in the June exams in 3 out of 6 courses of your programme, you must submit the assignments of those 3 courses before 31st March.

Can a student submit typed assignments?

No, typed assignments cannot be submitted under any circumstances either online or by hand at the study centre. Only hand written assignments will be accepted.

How can the assignments be submitted - online or by hand at the study centre?

Students may submit their assignments as per the practice (online or by hand) being followed by their study centres. Please check with your study center/regional center for the latest guidelines.

Is it necessary to take a receipt at the time of submission?

The receipt given by the study center is proof of submission of the assignment. While not mandatory, it is advisable that you insist and get a receipt from the study center. Also, preferably the receipt should be in the 'Assignment Remittance-cum-Acknowledgement Form' format given in the programme guide.

Online Assignment Submission

What should a student do if the whole assignments cannot be attached in a single email as one file?

Student may send scanned assignment separately for each course. They need to mention the specific course in their email. They may send more than one email if they have to send assignments for more than one course.

Will the students get receipt of their email for submission of online assignment?

No, receipt will not be provided. The email sent by the student will be considered as a receipt of the assignment submission.

Do the students need to submit hard copy of their assignments to their study centres also after online submission?

No. Once the students have submitted their assignments online, there is no need to submit the hard copy. However, they must retain the hard copies of their submitted assignments with them for future references and records, if required. They may be asked to submit the hard copies of assignments at a later point in time.

Can a student submit his/her assignment at the email ID of the Regional Centre?

No. Assignments submitted by email to the Regional Centre or to a study centre to which they do not belong, will not be accepted. Students are advised to be very careful and submit their assignments only at their study centre link / email and nowhere else.

What are the guidelines for online submission of assignments?

The students have to adhere the following /guidelines while sending the assignments:
  • The assignments should be hand written and scanned properly.
  • The 1st page of each assignment should consist of the name of the student, enrolment number, study centre code, course code, Mobile number and email ID of the student.
  • Each page of the assignment must be signed by the students either on top or bottom of the page before scanning and uploading the same.
  • Scan the assignments by using Mobile or Cam Scan separately one by one. The scanned copy should be very clear.
  • For each course the assignment response should be scanned in single PDF file which means if there are 5 questions in one assignment then there should not by 5 PDF files it should be one single PDF containing all five responses of the assignment.
  • The scan assignment for each course can be sent separately if all assignments of the courses cannot be attached together.
  • The file name should start with the enrolment number of the student followed by the course. For example if the enrolment number of student is 2564879528 and s/he intend to submit her/his MEG1 assignment then the file name should be given as 2564879528 MEG1.

Solved Assignments

Can I purchase assignments and submit?

No. If found out, your assignments may be rejected. Further disciplinary action may also be initiated against you by the university.

Are the assignments sold online of good quality?

No. The assignments sold by various organisations online are of very poor quality. You may get very low marks or even fail if you use them.

Will IGNOU refund the money for the assignments I purchased?

No. IGNOU cannot be help liable or responsible if you become a victim of fraud, or want a refund for assignments purchased by you.

Can I get solved assignments for free?

You can get IGNOU Solved Assignments for All Programmes FREE of cost here. But, we do not condone any form of cheating and these should only be used for reference. If found cheating the university may take serious action against you as stated above. We cannot be held liable for any action taken by the university against you.

Post-Submission Process - Status Tracking, Results, Returns etc.

Where can I check the status of my submitted assignments?

After you submit the assignments to the study center coordinator, the study center updates IGNOU about it and the tracker is updated. You can track the status of your IGNOU solved assignment at the IGNOU portal.

What happens after I submit the assignment?

After you submit the assignments to the study center coordinator, the assignments are forwarded to the respective evaluator (usually the academic counsellor) for evaluation.

What happens after assignments are evaluated?

After evaluation the marks submitted by the evaluator are either uploaded directly to the IGNOU portal by the study center or the study center sends them physically to IGNOU University, Maidangarhi.

When and where can I check my IGNOU assignment marks?

Once your marks have been uploaded to the IGNOU portal, you can check your IGNOU Solved Assignment marks in your Grade Card on the IGNOU website.

What should a student do if the assignment marks are not updated?

If the students find that their assignment marks are not updated in the grade card in a reasonable timeframe - let's say 2 months from submission of assignments, they may contact their Study Centre/ Regional Centre.

Will I get back my IGNOU assignments?

Yes. As per IGNOU guidelines, during evaluation the evaluators will add any comments they may have about your responses. After evaluation your IGNOU assignment will be returned to you so that you can learn from it and improve.

Source: The above FAQs are based on IGNOU Frequently Asked Questions.
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