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Section A

1. Define social influence.

Social Influence refers to the influence of others on an individual’s behavior. Human behavior is influenced by other people in countless ways and on ... Continue Reading >>

1. Elaborate the concept and principles of compliance.

Persuasion and the gaining of compliance are particularly significant since they use the power of social influence to attain submission of others.... Continue Reading >>

2. Discuss main characteristics of group formation. Explain theories of group formation.

A group involves people who perceive themselves to be part of a coherent unit that they perceive as different from another group. The extent to which ... Continue Reading >>

3. Discuss the nature of social conflict. Explain the methods of conflict resolution with their application to social conflicts in India.

Sometimes, members of society may perceive their personal interests as incompatible, and instead of coordinating their efforts, may work against each ... Continue Reading >>

Section B

4. Explain schemas and prototypes with reference to impression formation.

Every individual organizes information about another person to form an overall impression of that person. Impression formation focused on the way in w... Continue Reading >>

5. Define person perception. Explain Bem’s self perception theory.

Person perception refers to the different mental processes that we use to form impressions of other people. This includes not just how we form these i... Continue Reading >>

6. Discuss in brief:

Stereotypes Quasi-Experiments Control Group and Experimental GroupSocial IdentityTypes of Prejudice... Continue Reading >>


Stereotypes are considered the cognitive component of attitudes toward a social group—specifically, beliefs about what a particular group is like and ... Continue Reading >>


Quasi-experiments are studies which lack the control of a true experiment because one or more of its requirements cannot be met, ex: deliberate use of... Continue Reading >>

Control Group and Experimental Group

In experimental research, often participants are allocated truly randomly to an experimental group and a control group, enabling unmeasured or unknown... Continue Reading >>

Social Identity

According to social identity theory (Tajfel & Turner, 1986), we can perceive ourselves differently at any given moment in time, depending on where... Continue Reading >>

Types of Prejudice

As an attitude, prejudice is the negative feelings experienced on the part of the prejudiced when they are in the presence of, or merely think about, ... Continue Reading >>

7. Explain frustration aggression and psychodynamic theory of aggression.

In 1915, Freud had suggested that the frustration of behavior aimed at gaining pleasure or avoiding pain led to aggression. In 1939, this hypothesis w... Continue Reading >>

8. Define pro-social behaviour. Discuss theoretical perspectives to pro-social behaviour.

Prosocial behavior refers to actions by individuals that help others, often with no immediate benefit to the helper. It includes sharing, co-operation... Continue Reading >>

Section C

9. Explain the findings of Asch’s experiment on conformity.

Asch’s experiment showed when people are confronted with a majority opinion, the tendency to conform may be stronger than commitment to what they perc... Continue Reading >>

10. What were the findings of Milgram’s experimental study of human obedience?

The inclination to obey authority figures is an important factor in determining behavior, even in extreme circumstances. Obeying the “scientist” was..... Continue Reading >>

11. Explain evolutionary theory of interpersonal attraction.

Cooperating with other people almost certainly increased our ancestors’ success in obtaining food and surviving danger. As a result, a strong desire t... Continue Reading >>

12. What is the role of communication in group dynamics?

Communication acts to control member behavior in several ways. Formal guidelines and authority hierarchies tell group members how to behave within the... Continue Reading >>

13. What is social identity theory of group formation?

The individual difference approaches make the assumption that people’s behavior in group settings is essentially similar to their behavior in all othe... Continue Reading >>
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