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Section A

1. Explain the factorial design with the help of a suitable example.

Traditional research methods generally study the effect of one variable at a time, because it is statistically easier to manipulate. However, in many ... Continue Reading >>

2. What are the different steps followed for conducting a scientific research?

Scientific research involves a systematic process that focuses on being objective and gathering a multitude of information for analysis so that the re... Continue Reading >>

3. Explain the assumptions, theories and steps of discourse analysis.

Discourse analysis involves an ‘analysis of the ways in which discourses – which can be read in texts and talk – constitute the social world (Mason, 2... Continue Reading >>

Section B

4. Type of Quasi Experimental Designs.

Quasi-experiments are studies which lack the control of a true experiment because one or more of its requirements cannot be met, ex: deliberate use of... Continue Reading >>

5. Research Biases.

Bias is the distortion of results by a variable. Some of the common biases that may impact the results of a research study are…... Continue Reading >>

6. Distinguish between field and experimental research design.

An experiment is a systematic way of proving or disproving a hypothesis and used to determine a cause and effect relationship between the subject and ... Continue Reading >>

7. Types of questions that can be used in a survey research.

Questionnaires can be an effective means of measuring the behaviour, attitudes, preferences, opinions and intentions of relatively large numbers of su... Continue Reading >>

8. Strategies of interpreting data in a qualitative research.

Analyzing qualitative data is an eclectic process. There is no single, accepted approach. It involves a simultaneous process while you are also collec... Continue Reading >>

Section C

9. Difference between causal comparative and experimental research design

Experimental Research Design is most appropriate in controlled settings such as laboratories. The design assumes random assignment of subjects and ran... Continue Reading >>

10. Definition of research design.

A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and evaluation of data in a fashion which is designed to combine relevance to the re... Continue Reading >>

11. Significance of hypothesis formulation.

Hypothesis Formulation provides the investigator with a relational statement that is directly testable in a research study and direction to the resear... Continue Reading >>

12. Meaning of reliability.

Reliability refers to the repeatability of findings. It refers to consistency: if the results of a test or measurement are reliable, a person should r... Continue Reading >>

13. Method of snow ball sampling.

Some populations that we are interested in studying can be hard-to-reach and/or hidden. These include populations such as drug addicts, homeless peopl... Continue Reading >>

14. Difference between independent and dependent variable.

An independent variable, sometimes called an experimental or predictor variable, is a variable that is being manipulated in an experiment in order to ... Continue Reading >>

15. Relevance of grounded theory.

In research using grounded theory, researchers start with the data and develop a theory or an interpretation that is “grounded in” those data. They do... Continue Reading >>

16. Meaning of ethnography.

Ethnography is generally carried out by researchers who do not belong to the ethnic community under study but who spend a considerable amount of time ... Continue Reading >>

17. Criteria for selecting a case study.

A case selection based on representativeness may not generate revealing insights. Researchers, therefore, prefer information-oriented sampling, as opp... Continue Reading >>

18. Concept of cross sectional survey research design.

The data is used to look for patterns of association or relationships either in the group as a whole (all cases) or in subgroups sharing characteristi... Continue Reading >>
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